About Us

Fix Our Roads First is a non-profit organization that exists to advocate for transportation improvements in Hillsborough County that will reduce traffic congestion and improve commutes for all residents.


We opposed the All for Transportation (AFT) 1% county surtax passed in Nov 2018 for many reasons, particularly, 1) the cost ($16B), 2) timeframe (30 years), 3) the spending plan which didn't dedicate any funds to additional auto lane capacity while overfunding transit, and 4) legal issues. Our concerns were vindicated by the Florida Supreme Court in February of 2021 when the sales tax was ruled unconstitutional and struck down.


Now, before over half a Billion $ of illegally taken dollars have been returned to residents of Hillsborough County, there is an effort by special interests who would benefit from the massive spending directives to put the tax back on the ballot in 2022. Fix Our Roads First will continue to educate the public and advocate on this critical issue. Please take the time to join our email list and stay informed.

We believe road improvements should provide adequate road capacity and enhance mobility by adding new roads and widening existing ones. Unfortunately the anti-car brigade in County Center believes "road improvements" means

road diets, slower speeds and lane loss.

If you agree,